| February 9, 2013

Another day, another Chinese New Year. The Year of Dragon has come and gone, and for some reason some Chinese does not like the idea of the year of snake, instead calling it the year of little dragon. Well since a Chinese dragon is just a snake with limbs and horns, "belittling" it is relatively simple.

It's been quite a while since I revisited this site. I have almost absolutely no idea how to upload and update anything anymore (since this site is built on really obsolete web-tech: I'm talking about pre-SQL and pre-php... This site and gallery is writen in PERL.)

The past few years I was buried in work (at school and in the real(?) world), so I have little time painting new guro pics. Now that all my commission works are finished, I MAY have time to revisit some of my guro ideas.

While I'll still keep this site (and the other one) running for as long as I could, I have since embraced newer (and more authoritarian) image hosting options. You can find my non-commissioned works here:


Should I ever have any new guro pics, that should be the first place I would upload (also gurochan). Remember to enable R-18G listing in order to see them.
Posted 6 years, 3 months ago on February 9, 2013

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Re: Three Years Later...
I really have to admire your creativity at times.

Hope the firecrackers didn\\\'t bother you too much this year.

2013/02/16 by Anonymous • • Reply
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