| February 2, 2010

In the next few posts I will talk about this set of commissioned doujin/fan-art on Mega Man Battle Network. These are commissioned by cemex at 2008.2, if I recalled correctly. Initially 6 pictures are planned. But as the job went on, it eventually extended to 8 pictures and 1 wallpaper.

This set of pictures took me 1 year to finally finish. The reason it took so long is that it sort of interleaves with my regular book illustration job, and school. Also some accidents happened in between. (My work room was flooded in a typhoon once in that year, for instance.)

This is one reason why I haven't accepted any commission since. I never thought it would take me so damn long to finish something relatively small.

On to the pictures...

Before I started these pictures, I have never played any of the mega man games. Like, ever. Therefore I have to do some studies on the topic. I tried playing the Battle Network games on GBA (which I never finished, unfortunately), and saw some of the anime series. I do this because I believe that you cannot draw a good guro pic if you don't feel the "love" for the character.

Also I try to get the feel of how the "virtual" world of whatever Battle Network is in looks like, and then interpret it with my own style -- lots of metal grating, wires, etc. etc.

The first pic shows two droids holding Roll. The droids are modeled after this thing. I draw them in a way that suggests they are some kind of multilated former humans, with their abdomen removed, bondage gear etc.

Stay tuned for the commentary for the remaining pictures...
Posted 9 years, 6 months ago on February 2, 2010

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