| October 11, 2009

As you might know I spend most of my time (beside school) working as an illustrator for a couple of novels. The author gives me (relatively) a lot of freedom on choosing what I want to draw. And from time to time the novel does contain some gruesome scenes like this one:

The drawing is in grayscale since it's not a front/back cover, just something tucked inside the book. It's not as detailed as some of my other drawings since, well, they don't pay as much for these (ashamed).

However this is the first time I draw someone's mouth being sewn shut. I never did it before because I am ALWAYS bugged by the question: how do they eat? Feeding intravenously looks too "clinical", and feeding from the nose (heh) is just disgusting. XD

Anyway I might play with this idea a bit later.
Posted 9 years, 10 months ago on October 11, 2009

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Re: Misc
Heh, that\'s awesome, so what has happened to her

2009/10/12 by commissionercemex • • Reply
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Re: Misc
You know, the usual. Some sort of dark ritual, inflicting great pain on women to create the ultimate magic, blah blah blah, that kind of thing.

Too bad most of these scenes rely heavily on magic (such as how to keep them alive). I'm always a man of science.

2009/10/12 by Zenith • • Reply
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Re: Misc
BTW you could always try depicting her with her neck cut open and a tube entering her oesophagus from her neck

2009/10/16 by commissionercemex • • Reply
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