| August 9, 2009

Thematically, this is a continuation of my last pic (kidnap).

A while ago, there was a local girl who was hit by a truck, and ended up losing both her legs and one arm. Visiting victims with this kind of injuries would be pretty awkward -- since my cynical self thinks that telling her "get well soon" would be a little pointless.

I wanted to draw a pic with this theme for quite some time. The last pic inspired me to draw this as a continuation. I kid myself that I've used up all the blood in the last picture, that's why this one is so clean. I also always find stuffed animals a little unsettling.

Last but not least, flower bouquet is a b*tch to draw. Reminds me of the tedious drawing lessons I had when I was younger.
Posted 3 weeks, 1 day ago on August 9, 2009

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Re: Aftermath
Superb work. The \\\"get well\\\" card, cuddly animals, plus that hair band / braid ... yes, that\\\'s evil.

The flowers _do_ look awesome, btw.

2009/09/29 by Rag • • Reply
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Re: Aftermath

I think this is one of the most powerful, disturbing guro-pictures I 've ever seen (Despite containing no blood at all).

Because, if you think about it, she will never be able to hug the Teddy or her parents again. She will never see the flowers they brought her, or the "get well soon" card. Also she will never be able to tie the ribbon herself. And of course, there will be no walking, no running around anymore. What kind of life is this?

It's terribly sad to think about it and, yet, so very, very fascinating and touching.

Great work! I really love your stuff because it's so well drawn and also focuses on the psychological side of guro.
And I enjoy the background stories quite a lot.

Please, keep it up

2009/12/05 by SSination • • Reply
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