| February 20, 2009

This is my first "public" futanari pic. I have drawn at least two before in my commissioned works, but those are not publicly available.

I was always semi-secretly a futanari lover. I've never drawn them before because I don't exactly like the idea of closely studying the male phallus. While the commission gave me an excuse/reason to do so, I still study the depiction of famous futanari doujinshi artworks instead of the real thing - something I rarely do.

This is not exactly a guro pic, so (for the first time) I posted it on 4chan. It was later reposted to gurochan anyway :p . I found out that it was also reposted to fapchan afterward, where it was much less appreciated. One poster go as far as calling the artist (yours truly) an "immature troll" for drawing that mousetrap. Oh well.
Posted 10 years, 6 months ago on February 20, 2009

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Re: Mousetrap Torture
seems like telling the difference between an immature troll and an genius is pretty hard for some people.
my congratlations to another masterpiece.

2009/03/03 by Prof. Radon • • Reply
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Re: Mousetrap Torture
wants to be that mouses, *haha*

2009/03/07 by Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 • • Reply
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Re: Mousetrap Torture
I hope you take this the right way, and I hope I don\'t come off to lude and perverse by saying this but...

I blew a load to that picture.. lol, seriously, in 15 years of looking at anime porn I can\'t think of futa that ever turned me on much...

But of course your pic has that whole \"imminent pending doom\" thing that I love so much, which was probably a much bigger factor then the futa..

I think I projected myself as -her- in that situation and got a bit excited...

But still, that\'s pretty awesome that you kinda took my futa virginity..

2009/03/13 by Sorrow • • Reply
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Re: Mousetrap Torture
i love this futa very much
by the way, i have seen it in komica\\\'s webside

i\\\'m wondering if zenith will draw more futa?

another things how does the mouse trap work? i mean... you know something about what will happen to the futa lady next of this picture....

2009/08/13 by Anonymous • • Reply
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