| August 9, 2008

These 2 pics are drawn in haste, in a short break between my contracted and commissioned works. They're more simplistic in tone, just a depiction of random violent torture scenes.

While relatively simple, I am surprisingly satisfied with this one. I called it "Random act of violence", and the backstory is just that - bad things that happened when a girl walk down the wrong alley. The glasses are added as an afterthought (albeit specifically appreciated by one viewer at gurochan). I hoped that it can add a layer of cruelty of the ear mutilation - in the sense that she cannot wear ordinary glasses again. (However I know afterwards that ear reconstruction with silicone and skin-grafts are pretty much perfect.)

The nosebleed is also added in the last minute.

The green shirt resembles the uniform of a certain girls' high school in Taiwan, although no one seemed to notice (even when I posted it in local forums).

As I've said in an earlier post, I always wanted to draw something with an "insect" theme. I once read a book about women cruelty throughout the history. I am most "impressed" by Elizabeth Báthory. And among her various contraptions for torture and killing, I like "honey torture" the best. Basically she cover a naked girl in honey, and tie her outdoors to attract all kinds of insects.

Here I draw a "less excessive" version. Perhaps it can be served as a form of punishment for the maid for... well as usual I leave the creativity exercise to the viewer. :p One plausable case that sprung up to mind is that she is punished for smuggling foodstuff (maybe honey) to her home.

Coughing is hard to depict. And I know an ant farm that thick (almost cube-shaped) usually won't show that many tunnels on the side.
Posted 11 years, 1 month ago on August 9, 2008

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Re: Two recent pics
I'm surprised nobody else has commented on these, they're really quite remarkable! Personally I'm partial to the elven maiden but on looking closer at your "Random act of violence" I can see why you would be proud of it.

2008/08/18 by Shivrod • • Reply
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Commissioned works...
Just curious ... those commissioned works you mention, are they guro or in your 'work' style?

(And if you do guro commissions, where can I contact you?)

2008/12/27 by Anonymous • • Reply
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Re: Commissioned works...
nice work, i would like to see more, but how can i sign up at your site?

2009/01/13 by DumasTom • • Reply
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