| July 18, 2008

I update this blog so rarely. And when I finally have to, it becomes a freakin' project since I need to re-learn how to write new entries, fish out my password etc (since the cookies are long expired).

For example, I spent over 30 minutes during this update trying to remember (ok, GUESS) my administrator password, googled for lost-password solutions, finally realizing I used the wrong login page etc etc before even starting my post. Sigh.

Ever since I finished the Icebox on the Fishing Boat, I always wanted to do a picture like this one. I thought about the details many times, such as how do you skin/fillet a fish that has arms, how to restrain those arms etc. I thought along the line of practicality and realism, in the sense of "supposed foodstuff like this exists. How would they be prepared by the common man?"

At first I wanted to tie those arms to the corners of the butcher block, but I thought it'd be too difficult to do for the commoner. Then I imagined that the block has a stock-like structure to restrain her hands, but also ditched that idea for being too impractical. I also thought about just had her arms cut off, say, at the marketplace. However I rejected it for being "too lazy".

Finally I had this idea of having her hands tied up at the marketplace, somewhat like how dried fish are sold. I played this idea around in my head a bit, such as how they're hung up on the food stall, how an experienced seller can tie her up in a few seconds etc.
Posted 11 years, 2 months ago on July 18, 2008

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Re: Shioyaki
Another beautiful piece of work! I have to say, I admire your incredible attention to detail and realism. The cord around the mermaid's stomach (presumably to staunch the bleeding?) was a nice touch as well.

It's also good to see those mysterious hands return.

2008/07/18 by Shivrod • • Reply
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Re: Shioyaki
Ouch, that\\\'s gotta hurt

2008/07/21 by cemex • • Reply
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Re: Shioyaki
I find you artwork very interesting. I've only discovered guro a little while ago, I found it a bit strange at first, but m curiosity kept me looking at it, I'm still unsure my feelings towards it. I've been wanting to ask a guro artist, and since you are one, if you would want to ordo the sorts of things in your art to real beings?
Its just something I'm curious about, you don't have to answer though.

2008/08/05 by Anonymous • • Reply
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Re: Shioyaki
The short answer is no. I can't stand real blood and gore (except in medical cases - I can, for example, watch a ulcer surgery. But I can't stand looking at a fatal car crash). And I have a mortal fear of sharp blades (I got goosebumps from merely looking at those new ceramic knives in a store window).

I can understand your curiosity. Perhaps it's my inherent fear of such things that makes me more capable of understanding the pain and dread of the subjects in my artworks.

I do have an above-average interest on the darker impulse of human beings. I read a lot about methods of physical and psycological torture. I took a (brief) lesson on criminology and studied cases of serial killers when I was in college. I can't imagine myself actually doing such things since I have was raised by a family with high moral standard (Roman Catholics actually). And I have a fear and mistrust on law enforcement figures that borderlines paranoia. However I do have a lot of "thought experiments" about torture, mutilation etc. Not exactly on a specific figure, more like pitting different facets of "me" against each other; like how I would react in such and such situation, what are the thoughts of the torturer and the victim, etc.

Well, sorry for your trouble for reading all the crap above. To be honest the answer is no, I would not want to do the things in my artworks to real-life beings. Not in my current state of mind anyway.

2008/08/05 by Zenith • • Reply
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Re: Shioyaki
This is my favorite picture you've made, Zenith. It's just fantastic. I could say so much about it, but what strikes me the most in this picture is the salt. Looking at it, it's almost as if I can see the salt shaker being shaken and feel the fish-girl's pain as the grains fall on her skinned flesh. This artwork really speaks. Other touches, like the tightness of the ropes, the other fish-girls floundering in the background, the scales neatly lined up on the cutting board, the blood on the delicate gloves, and of course the general high quality of your lines and coloring, just enhance the image even more. It's a fantastic work of art.

Keep it up.

2009/03/16 by Anonymous wwwReply
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